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Unlock Productivity with Employee Time Tracking System for Professionals
Keep every second accounted for with Amploo’s time-tracking tool. Time tracking is no longer a chore: a highly robust suite of time tracking features is at your disposal within a few clicks from your working space.
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Efficient Universal Functionality
Track what you have accomplished within a certain period with easy-to-manage notes you can attach to every time entry you add.
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Billable time (soon)
No more spreadsheets to track time for invoicing! Mark billable time within our timekeeping software for employees, so you can be transparent with your clients.
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Planned / Actual Tracked Time
If your employee tracks more time in one task than was initially planned, our system will visualize this issue, so you will be able to react appropriately.
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Amploo ensures easy navigation within time tracking data: filter your worker time tracking by date, status, priority, tags, and other parameters.
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Need to contemplate the total amount of hours spent per task or project? Not a problem! Use a rollup feature, and Amploo will count everything automatically.
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Edit time
Amploo’s employees' time tracking is flexible: if needed, you can manually adjust the tracked time to align it with the real picture.
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Monitor and optimize the performance of your team with Amploo’s automatic timesheets and dedicated reports for each employee.
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Offline mode
Our work tracker software keeps working even if you go offline: the data will synchronize automatically after you reconnect to the internet.
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Tracking Override
Your colleague forgot to turn off their tracking and went home? Do them a favor and stop it yourself. Amploo allows shutting down the tracking of others if you were assigned the necessary rights.
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Change History
Amploo keeps a detailed log of the team’s activity, so you can easily restore the events and see when each change was made and who was responsible for that.
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Boost Productivity with Integrated Timesheets
Hours Monitoring
Review the hours that your employees track by day, weeks, months or custom periods, as well as the total sums for a certain day, period, or for the whole company.
Advanced Filtering
Filter the timesheet data in the way you need to see it to see the whole picture. You can structure information by people, departments, offices, etc.
Detailed Logging
See how your employees manage their work time: timesheet system saves an expansive log of actions and changes made within the timesheet.
Timesheet Export (soon)
Our timesheet management software exports generated timesheets out of the system in various formats: XLS, CVS, etc.
Supercharge Teams with Amploo
Use Amploo's automated time tracker to unlock better employee management and encourage accountability within your team.
less deadline delays
increase in employee engagement
less overscheduling cases
more precise time tracking
More Accurate Payroll and Compensation
Align the amount of worked hours and payroll, ensuring that your employees get compensated according to the contracts. Clear and detailed tracking guarantees fair pay and quick resolution of disputes and errors.
Enabled Data-Driven Decision-Making
Amploo gathers your data and analyzes it, so you can get a grasp of the tempo and timelines of your team. Back your decisions with these insights and implement optimization initiatives in your team.
Enhanced Transparency
With Amploo, you have a detailed record of your work activities. Use it as proof of your trustworthiness, drive accountability within your team, and keep everybody on the same page to create a collaborative team culture.
Enhanced Productivity
Leverage time-tracking data to analyze your processes and detect bottlenecks. Amploo gives you insights relevant to your team instead of generic info, so you can address your issues smartly.
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Your Team's Needs
Benefits of Amploo
Streamlined Efficiency
Our hour tracker for work helps your team members efficiently track their progress and see the result of their work, empowering them to efficiently allocate their time.
Tailored Calendar
Our calendar helps you to keep track of everything that happens with your schedule, making planning easy and seamless as never before.
Enhanced Visualization
Amploo’s user-friendly visualization system ensures that even the most tight schedules and detailed timesheets turn into understandable systems.
Convenient Remote Work
Our solutions help you to create a comprehensive and efficient space for remote work, where the team is in synch even if scattered all over the world.
Unified Workspace
Foster the collaborative spirit and effective communication with Amploo: the unified space for work and progress tracking will keep everyone on the same page.
Better Project Control
Reach a new level of success with Amploo. Plan your project more wisely with the help of historical data Amploo tracks.
Data-Driven Insights
Unlock the new growth opportunities with Amploo’s detailed reporting. Use it to contemplate how well your processes work and fix the bottlenecks if needed.
Flexibility & Customization
Amploo’s attendance time tracking matches the requirements of various teams, as it gives you templates you can tweak in the way you need it.
Secure & Reliable
Our cybersecurity specialists employ the best practices to keep your data protected from cyber criminals and leaks. We guard your info with a fierce dedication to your success.
Amploo vs. Competitors: What Is the Difference?
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“Since implementing Amploo, our productivity has soared. It's truly transformed how we operate, making numerous processes more efficient. I would also emphasize the unlimited cloud storage, which became a game-changer for us. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline their operations.”
faster time-to-market
fewer missed deadlines
Olivia Cooper
Project Coordinator
“I can't praise this software enough. The level of customization is like nothing I've seen before, allowing us to tailor it to our exact needs. The security is top-notch, giving us confidence in our data protection. An absolute must-have!”
increase in productivity
more successful training initiatives
Nathan Thompson
Learning and Development Manager
“As a growing company, we required a solution that could keep up, and Amploo didn't disappoint. The wide suite of solutions it offers is outstanding, and it has reduced the number of subscriptions we need to manage. I believe it's a top-tier tool for any growth-focused business.”
faster onboarding processes
increase in employee engagement
Sophia Morgan
HR Generalist
Frequently Asked Questions
How can Amploo Time Tracker help me manage my employee's workday?
Our project hours tracker has versatile functionality, and every feature is designed to nurture efficiency and smart time allocation. Profound time tracking features will help you to keep everything accounted for, while detailed reporting will give you deep insights into the effectiveness of your processes.
Can I use Amploo Time Tracker for team projects?
Yes! At its core, our employee timekeeping software, like other Amploo’s products, is designed for teams. Amploo Time Tracker allows your team members to work in synch and access a new level of connectivity and transparency.
How does Amploo Time Tracker ensure the accuracy of time tracking?
Our time tracking systems for employees combine automatic and manual tracking. This way, if you see any discrepancy or mistake, you can manually fix it. However, the errors aren’t likely to happen, as we run several testing rounds to ensure everything works as intended.
Is my data secure with Amploo Time Tracker?
Yes, our team enables the best data security measures, namely multifactor authorization, data encryption, regular security audits, etc. If you want to learn more about our cybersecurity policies, feel free to contact our managers for details.
How customizable is the Amploo Time Tracker for different project needs?
Amploo’s employee hours tracking software enables the highest level of customization, making the solution suitable for any type of team and project. Tracking project hours becomes comfortable with custom task categories, notes, filters, and reports we backed into the concept of our solution.
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