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Keep Your Team Engaged With Our Employee Intranet Portal
Enhance your employee voice and grow company culture. Set up an internal communication environment for your teams to socialize, share news, and discuss new ideas with Amploo's corporate intranet software.
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News Feeds
As in classical social networks, Amploo's internal communications software provides a new feed where your employees can view and interact with posted content.
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Our solutions allow your team to actively engage with content by liking, leaving reactions, and commenting on the publications.
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Create and publish posts to congratulate your employees on their birthdays to strengthen inter-team connections and provide a personalized workplace experience.
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Employee Rewards
Boost employee's morale and motivation by sharing posts about their recent achievements. Foster a culture of appreciation and recognize exceptional work done by your team.
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Poll and Surveys
Amploo enables polls and surveys you can share within the employee intranet portal. Gather feedback efficiently and use your findings for informed decision-making.
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Publication Pin
Pin the priority post on the top of the news feed, so the important info will definitely reach each and every one of your employees.
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Use Internal Portal for Employees for
Knowledge Sharing
Strengthen your collective intelligence and collaboration potential with Amploo. Our company intranet solution provides a perfect space for employees to share their expertise and recent findings with the team.
Employee Onboarding
Make the introduction of a new employee smoother than ever. Internal social networks allow newcomers to get to know their coworkers and connect with them easily, even in remote work conditions.
Innovation and Idea Generation
Amploo's company communication software becomes a breeding ground for creative thoughts. Use it to encourage your employees to propose, discuss, and develop new ideas collaboratively.
Culture Building
Build a unified corporate identity by allowing employees to engage in shared values, traditions, and goals with Amploo. Shape a positive and cohesive work environment where employees can prosper.
Choose a Solution That Best Fits 
Your Team's Needs
Enhanced Productivity
Amploo equips teams with a versatile suite of tools and solutions for consistent, clear, and traceable workflows and communication, setting a new benchmark in productivity.
Intuitive Design
Our software boasts a user-friendly interface, guaranteeing that your team can effortlessly utilize the platform's full potential without the hassle of navigating complex functionalities.
Amploo is highly customizable, making it a perfect fit for teams with the most demanding requirements. Adjust our solutions to your vision and reach maximum productivity.
Amploo grows along with your company, supporting you on every step of your journey with a robust infrastructure and a comprehensive functionality set.
Cloud Storage
Each client receives boundless cloud storage, ensuring a safe and expansive digital space for data storage and sharing among all stakeholders.
Insightful Analytics
Harness the power of Amploo’s analytics and data dashboards for a comprehensive overview of your team's performance, pinpointing opportunities for growth.
We fully commit to the security of your data with data encryption, regular backups, etc., ensuring a trustworthy corporate platform.
Amploo merges multiple team management solutions into one economical subscription, eliminating the need for several payments and streamlining your operational expenses.
Amploo is a unified platform for organizations to manage their teams; you don't need other stand-alone tools like CRMs or databases — Amploo already has everything.
Amploo vs Other Solutions: What is the Difference?
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“Since implementing Amploo, our productivity has soared. It's truly transformed how we operate, making numerous processes more efficient. I would also emphasize the unlimited cloud storage, which became a game-changer for us. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline their operations.”
faster time-to-market
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Olivia Cooper
Project Coordinator
“I can't praise this software enough. The level of customization is like nothing I've seen before, allowing us to tailor it to our exact needs. The security is top-notch, giving us confidence in our data protection. An absolute must-have!”
increase in productivity
more successful training initiatives
Nathan Thompson
Learning and Development Manager
“As a growing company, we required a solution that could keep up, and Amploo didn't disappoint. The wide suite of solutions it offers is outstanding, and it has reduced the number of subscriptions we need to manage. I believe it's a top-tier tool for any growth-focused business.”
faster onboarding processes
increase in employee engagement
Sophia Morgan
HR Generalist
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an internal social network for employees?
An internal social network for employees is a digital platform designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and information sharing within an organization. It serves as a virtual space where employees can connect, engage in discussions, share knowledge and ideas, and build a cohesive workplace community.
How secure is the information shared on the portal?
Amploo’s team implements the main industry practices for cybersecurity, ensuring that no data will be leaked or stolen. Feel free to contact our team to learn the technical details.
How can I use the portal to communicate company news to employees?
Amploo’s intranet portal for employees allows managers and assigned editors to share the company’s news on the company’s news feed.
How can employees use the portal?
Employees gain access to the portal and news feed in particular, where they can interact with published posts, leave their reactions and comments, initiate discussions, and so on.
Is the internal social network accessible to remote employees?
Yes, Amploo's internal company communication software can be used by remote teams. Moreover, it becomes an efficient solution to foster a feeling of belonging and connect coworkers that can be scatted all over the world.
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