Employee Onboarding/Offboarding Software for Efficient Processes
Amploo powers up smooth onboarding and exit, so you can become an exemplary employer in the highly competitive hiring landscape.
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Key Features
Tailored Onboarding Processes
Set up your own onboarding workflows and checklists with our new hire onboarding software, so newcomers will receive a clear overview of their first steps within your company.
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Document Management
Amploo’s staff onboarding software allows both HR specialists and employees to download necessary documents to the system, where everything is stored securely in one place.
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Assigning and Tracking Tasks
With Amploo, you can easily assign onboarding-related tasks to different stakeholders (HR managers, IT, etc.), so new hires will go through the onboarding pipeline seamlessly.
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Amploo’s employee onboarding training software sends task-related notifications for you to know the current status of each task (completed, deadline soon, or missed).
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Knowledge base
Leverage Amploo's integrated knowledge base to prepare all necessary info for new hires: company rules, main FAQs, etc.
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Employee Development
With Amploo’s employee onboarding training software, you can easily assign your internal training programs to new employees and track their progress within one versatile platform.
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Welcome Kits
Keep track of welcome kit distribution, personalized welcome newsletters, and other engagement initiatives to make newcomers feel valued and engaged from the beginning.
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Offboarding Workflows
Structure the offboarding workflow and ensure guidance for departing employees and HR teams. Streamline essential processes like exit interviews, return of company property, revoking system access, and knowledge transfer.
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Offboarding Documentation & Compliance
Keep offboarding documentation accounted for and securely saved to ensure easy retrieval and compliance with legal and organizational requirements.
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Our Onboarding and Offboarding Software Helps With
Streamlining Onboarding Processes
Our employee onboarding solution helps companies set up effective onboarding, eliminating the chaos in this process and ensuring seamless integration for new hires.
Structuring Offboarding
Amploo’s employee offboarding software ensures that offboarding processes are well-prepared, and employer and employee resolve all matters before the latter’s departure.
Improving Compliance and Documentation
With Amploo’s unified platform, you gain greater visibility of your document flow and keep them stored in one place, which helps you to ensure compliance with necessary standards.
Improving HR Brand
Smooth and well-planned onboarding/offboarding processes you can set up with Amploo position your company as a top-class employer, giving you a competitive advantage.
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Your Team's Needs
Amploo’s Benefits
Enhanced Efficiency
Amploo provides teams with an all-in-one toolkit for seamless, transparent, and well-documented work processes and communication, raising the bar for efficiency.
User-Friendly Design
Our software features an intuitive interface, allowing teams to easily leverage its full capabilities without getting bogged down by complex features.
Customizable Solutions
Amploo's high customization makes it an ideal match for teams with specific needs. Customize our solutions to fit your goals and optimize productivity.
Growth Support
As your business expands, Amploo scales with you, offering a strong foundation and a wide range of features to support your growing needs.
Unlimited Cloud Storage
We provide limitless cloud storage for every client, offering a secure, extensive digital environment for storing and sharing data with all involved parties.
Powerful Analytics
Leverage Amploo’s advanced analytics and data visualization tools for a detailed analysis of team performance, identifying areas for improvement.
Robust Security
Your data's safety is our priority. We leverage encryption, consistent backups, and more, to make Amploo a reliable platform for businesses.
Cost Efficiency
Amploo consolidates various team management tools into a single, affordable subscription, reducing your subscription expenses and simplifying budget management.
Comprehensive Platform
Amploo serves as a standalone solution for team management. You don’t need any third-party tools, as our platform already has them integrated.
How Does Amploo Differ from Competitors?
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“Since implementing Amploo, our productivity has soared. It's truly transformed how we operate, making numerous processes more efficient. I would also emphasize the unlimited cloud storage, which became a game-changer for us. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline their operations.”
faster time-to-market
fewer missed deadlines
Olivia Cooper
Project Coordinator
“I can't praise this software enough. The level of customization is like nothing I've seen before, allowing us to tailor it to our exact needs. The security is top-notch, giving us confidence in our data protection. An absolute must-have!”
increase in productivity
more successful training initiatives
Nathan Thompson
Learning and Development Manager
“As a growing company, we required a solution that could keep up, and Amploo didn't disappoint. The wide suite of solutions it offers is outstanding, and it has reduced the number of subscriptions we need to manage. I believe it's a top-tier tool for any growth-focused business.”
faster onboarding processes
increase in employee engagement
Sophia Morgan
HR Generalist
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of the HR onboarding system?
An employee onboarding platform is designed to make the integration processes for new hires streamlined and effective. This type of solution usually covers employee orientation and training, employee engagement and retention initiatives, document management, and compliance.
How does the onboarding process work in this tool?
With Amploo's onboarding software for a small business, you can set up custom checklists for parties involved in new employee integration. This includes the new hires themselves, the IT department, department managers, etc. The process of integration is tracked by HR managers, who can assign tasks, manage the necessary documents, etc.
How does the offboarding process work with this tool?
Amploo allows you to create and set up offboarding checklists, notifying involved parties (departing employees, HR managers, etc.) about actions they need to complete.
Can the onboarding process be monitored for effectiveness?
Yes, you can track the onboarding process with Amploo’s onboarding training software. You can see how effectively the team handles the related tasks and determine the places for improvement.
What kind of tasks are included in the onboarding checklist?
Amploo's onboarding solution allows you to create custom checklists, so you can set them up in any way you need. Usually, it will consist of tasks like submitting personal details, document uploads, completing internal courses, or reviewing company policies.
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