About Amploo
Amploo is a versatile collaborative solution catering to HR management and team collaboration. It handles HR aspects like employee onboarding, benefits administration, and time off tracking. Beyond HR, it integrates task management, time tracking, collaboration tools, analytics, document management, and budget tracking. Whether your team is 5 or 500 members, Amploo provides a unified space for planning, organization, and collaboration.
All essential business tools consolidated in a single collaborative platform:
— Task Manager: Envision project scope, structure tasks, create workflows, and foster feedback loops.
— Time Tracker: Monitor task durations, analyze performance reports, and ensure timely deadlines.
— Learning Management System: Cultivate ongoing learning, establish training courses, and enhance employee expertise.
— Org Chart: Utilize an intuitive organizational chart for company hierarchy and department collaboration.
— HR Database: Streamline HR operations with employee profiles and a workforce directory.
— Employee Leave Management: Automated time off accrual, leave requests, and transparent leave management.
— Internal Social Network: Connect teams, share news, make announcements, and engage in discussions.
— Onboarding/Offboarding: Optimize employer brand through streamlined onboarding/offboarding processes.
— Knowledge Base: Secure, user-friendly knowledge base for essential data and lasting knowledge retention.
— Surveys: Amplify employee voices with a survey tool supported by comprehensive statistical insights.
— Asset Management: Effectively manage inventory, track asset movements, and assess utilization.
— Team Communication: Foster real-time communication among employees with Amploo's business chat solution.
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