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Robust Employee Database to Keep Everything Under Control
A versatile online employee database designed to streamline your HR processes and collect all HR-related data in our place. Strengthen your HR department with a top-class solution and unlock a new level of efficiency.
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Everything You Need for HR Departments
Visual Task Management
Our employee database software stores every piece of your HR data in a comprehensive manner, allowing for rapid retrieval of necessary information and secure document management.
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Employee Profile
Employees you add to the system are assigned their profile, where you can store crucial info about them (department, position, employment date, skills, compensation history, time off history, education, survey answers, etc.). Leverage an internal online document management system to keep everything in one place.
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Org Chart
Amploo’s staff database software automatically creates org charts based on the employee profiles you add. Use this feature to foster transparency and effective collaboration.
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Workforce Directory
Review your team's state in a user-friendly dashboard, where you can see employees' location, time zones, online/offline status, etc., as well as use filtered search to find people you need.
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Time-off/Sick Days
Amploo makes time-off management easy: the system automatically counts vacations and sick leaves for each person using pre-set formulas. At the same time, employees can leave a request for a day off, which can be approved or disapproved by their manager.
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Customized Profile Fields
In Amploo’s personnel database software, you can create custom fields for employee profiles, teams, and any other lists to store specific data about your coworkers. Use this field as a filter for advanced database search.
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Employee Self-Data Input
Increase the accuracy of profiles and streamline the data input into the system by allowing employees to add personal data themselves.
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Request Monitoring
Amploo gathers all the requests an employee has left in their profile, helping HR managers stay updated on everything that happens within the organization.
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Your Team's Needs
Benefits of Amploo's Employee Records Software
User-friendly Interface
Our HR Database software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that your staff can seamlessly leverage the capabilities of the platform without struggling to understand how it works.
Amploo's adaptability makes it an ideal HR Database solution for any company. Pivot our system to align it with your unique requirements and specific organizational needs effortlessly.
Amploo's employee records management software performs at the highest level both for small and large teams, fostering and supporting your growth at various stages of your company lifecycle.
Cloud Storage
We assign unlimited cloud storage for every client, providing them with a secure virtual space to store data and exchange it between employees, partners, investors, and other stakeholders.
Insight Analytics
Amploo goes beyond basic functionality by analyzing your teams' activity and delivering comprehensive performance reports. Gain valuable insights into the real impact of your activities, enabling informed, data-driven decisions.
Support and Training
For those new to employee record-keeping software, our dedicated customer success team offers support to help you unlock the full potential of the system, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.
Amploo's cybersecurity team implements top practices (MFA, audits, access control, firewalls) to safeguard the integrity and safety of your valuable information, protecting it from data leaks and cybercriminal activities.
Amploo consolidates the functionality of various solutions needed for efficient team management into a single, cost-effective subscription. Say goodbye to multiple payments and embrace simplicity.
All-in-One Self-Sufficiency
Amploo's thought-through design eliminates the need for additional tool integration, such as additional HR systems or CRMs. Enjoy the convenience of an all-in-one solution for your HR management needs.
How Does Amploo Differ from Other Solutions?
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“Since implementing Amploo, our productivity has soared. It's truly transformed how we operate, making numerous processes more efficient. I would also emphasize the unlimited cloud storage, which became a game-changer for us. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline their operations.”
faster time-to-market
fewer missed deadlines
Olivia Cooper
Project Coordinator
“I can't praise this software enough. The level of customization is like nothing I've seen before, allowing us to tailor it to our exact needs. The security is top-notch, giving us confidence in our data protection. An absolute must-have!”
increase in productivity
more successful training initiatives
Nathan Thompson
Learning and Development Manager
“As a growing company, we required a solution that could keep up, and Amploo didn't disappoint. The wide suite of solutions it offers is outstanding, and it has reduced the number of subscriptions we need to manage. I believe it's a top-tier tool for any growth-focused business.”
faster onboarding processes
increase in employee engagement
Sophia Morgan
HR Generalist
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of information can be stored in the HR database?
In the HR database, a wide range of employee-related information is stored to facilitate effective human resource management. This includes but is not limited to personal information, employment details, compensation and benefits, attendance and leave, qualifications, surveys, legal and compliance documents, etc.
How is data privacy and security ensured in Amploo’s HR database tool?
We meticulously secure your data, prioritizing the protection and confidentiality of sensitive information. The key measures that we leverage include encryption protocols, access controls, user authentication, data backups, incident response plans, etc.
Can Amploo’s HR database be integrated with other systems?
Amploo’s HR database easily integrates with other business solutions by Amploo, ensuring data integrity and seamless flow within the whole ecosystem.
Can Amploo's HR database tool handle the HR needs of a rapidly growing company?
Yes, we design Amploo’s solution suit with scalability in mind. This way, our products, including the HR database, match the requirements of various teams and ensure consistency, as our solutions withstand the growth stage with grace.
How user-friendly is Amploo's HR database tool for employees who are not tech-savvy?
Our HR database is user-friendly and intuitive. The users don’t need to have any advanced tech skills to interact with a system. However, if any issues arise, our team is ready to help you navigate the system and explore its capabilities.
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