Asset Management
Streamline Your Resource Allocation with Asset Manager Software
Are you harnessing the full potential of your assets? Amploo’s asset tracking tool helps you to always know where your company’s equipment is and if it is fulfilling its role.
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All You Might Need in Asset Tracking Software
Centralized Storage
Amploo’s asset management tool acts as a unified depository for storing all data related to your inventory. Forget about info scattered around various spreadsheets and emails – with Amploo, you have everything conveniently in one place.
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Custom Fields
Apart from a set of pre-made fields to add data about your access, Amploo provides you with the capability to create custom fields and tailor them to your needs.
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Create custom categorization for assigning your inventory items and structuring your equipment.
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Use advanced filters and find necessary items in your inventory by categories, company, or department names.
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Asset Value Visibility
With Amploo’s asset tracking management system, you can see the total value of issued and available assets of your company.
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The built-in notification system keeps you updated on actions on items like requests, returns, and upcoming deadlines.
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Asset History
Amploo’s asset inventory tool saves the detailed log of asset movements within the company, so you can see who has a certain item at the point of time.
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Our Assets Inventory Software Enhances
Cost Management
Our asset management tool empowers detailed inventory tracking, giving you a comprehensive view of all items in your possession. This way, you can manage your assets more wisely, avoiding unnecessary purchases, lowering maintenance costs, and optimizing utilization.
Asset Security
Reduce the likelihood of theft and loss with our assets tracking system. Amploo helps you to track every asset during its lifecycle and store its movement history within your company. Leverage the extensive asset log to locate it and quickly respond to unauthorized asset movement.
Operational Efficiency
Our profound asset tracking solution gives you real-time visibility of your inventory and enables better scheduling, utilization, and maintenance of assets. In the long run, these use cases unlock reduced downtime of your equipment, increase productivity of your operations, and allow more efficient resource allocation.
Audit Readiness
With Amploo's asset tagging software, you get an up-to-date inventory record you can use for compliance purposes. Enhanced asset tracking simplifies your way through audits, reduces the risks of possible penalties, and ensures adherence to industry standards and legal requirements.
Choose a Solution That Best Fits Your Team's Needs
Intuitive User Interface
Amploo features an intuitive user interface, simplifying navigation and allowing employees to easily figure out how to operate system.
Tailored Customization
Amploo's customization capabilities helps you tune the solution to your needs and make it the most fiiting platform to your unique workflows and approaches.
Amploo is designed to accommodate teams of any size. Whether your organization is growing or downsizing, Amploo adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring a smooth transition.
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Our clients receive unlimited cloud storage, where they can safely store all your organizational data. You can access and share your record at any point of the day.
Advanced Analytics
Leverage Amploo's advanced analytical features for deep insights into your team's performance and building data-driven strategy.
Support and Training
Our support team is on hand to guide you through the full range of Amploo’s functionalities. Get professional assistance to unlock the full potential of Amploo's suite of features.
Robust Security Measures
Our cybersecurity experts employ leading industry practices to safeguard your information, ensuring its confidentiality and integrity.
Cost-Efficient Solution
Amploo combines essential project and team management tools into a single, affordable subscription. Save on costs by eliminating the need for multiple software.
Complete Self-Sufficiency
Amploo eliminates the need for repetitive data entry or integration with other third-party systems. Its comprehensive solution suite ensures complete self-sufficiency.
Amploo vs. Competitors: Detailed Comparison
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“Since implementing Amploo, our productivity has soared. It's truly transformed how we operate, making numerous processes more efficient. I would also emphasize the unlimited cloud storage, which became a game-changer for us. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline their operations.”
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Olivia Cooper
Project Coordinator
“I can't praise this software enough. The level of customization is like nothing I've seen before, allowing us to tailor it to our exact needs. The security is top-notch, giving us confidence in our data protection. An absolute must-have!”
increase in productivity
more successful training initiatives
Nathan Thompson
Learning and Development Manager
“Switching to Amploo's task manager has been a game-changer for our team. The intuitive design and powerful features have made project management a breeze! As a startup, we needed a task manager that's Amploo delivered on both fronts, supporting us as we grew from a team of 5 to 50!”
faster onboarding processes
increase in employee engagement
Sophia Morgan
HR Generalist
Frequently Asked Questions
Can employees request assets through this system?
Yes, through our online asset management system, your employees can create requests for certain assets you can approve or disapprove on the platform.
How does the tool handle asset distribution by department?
You can assign every asset to an appropriate department and use filters to view items that belong to a certain department.
Are there notifications for asset management activities?
Yes, Amploo's tracking asset management software employs a notification system that informs you about new asset requests, returns, and upcoming asset expiration dates.
Is there a feature to track the history of an asset?
Yes, use check in out inventory software history to see the detailed log of asset movements within your company. This way, you can review and analyze its lifecycle, as well as locate it at the moment.
Is your assets tracking system user-friendly?
Yes, Amploo's asset and inventory tracking software is intuitive and easy to use. You don't need any extra tech training to successfully operate our system.
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