Manage your team and your HR process

Amploo is the progressive all-in-one HR platform. Growth, engagement and retention your team.

How Amploo can help you?

Intelligent HRMS gives you everything you need to manage your people and your processes

Core HR processes

Automated tallent managing system that listen employee feedback, signs and collects document and displays the relationships inside the teams.

People Directory and Org Chart

Want to view the company hierarchy? Amploo’s Org Chart displays the relationships between your people, teams, and departments.


End-to-end employee experience tool. Employees do their best work when they feel heard and valued.

Docs management

Centralized repository for all your HR docs—from employee contracts to company handbooks.


Get paperwork done remotely using electronic signature tool, e-Signature.


Let newcomers join the working process with pleasure.

Automated onboarding flow

New employees will be involved and focused on working process thankfully interactive tool.

Task manager

Provide clear tasks, track the process, follow the deadline and stay connected between teams.


Amploo helps reduce stress and eliminate follow-up calls and emails making the exit process clear and simple.


Boost the adaptation of new employees with help of intelligent learning system. Create, Evaluate, analyze.


Create personal courses, adaptation programs and tests or use available templates.

Knowladge base

Publish collection of documentation that includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions.

Custom analytics report

Instant, detailed HR reports, right at your fingertips.


The right price for you


$ 249 /month
  • up to 50 users

  • Cloud 50 GB

  • Unlimited email support

Most popular


$ 499 /month
  • up to 150 users

  • Cloud 200 GB

  • Unlimited email support


$ 1199 /month
  • up to 400 users

  • Cloud 750 GB

  • Unlimited email support

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Frequently asked questions

Amploo is people management platform which helps modern and dynamic companies to find out the best features in their employees and built strong educated teams. The importance of HR is known and managing human capital needs modern useful solution. Amploo will help to build company’s culture and support high motivation for the best goals by creating pleasant working atmosphere. It contains full employee’s life cycle and all people-related databases. Amploo will support on the each step during onboarding, performance management, workflows and other more. Save your time and create an awesome collaboration between teams.

Data security is one of the most important tasks for our team. You can feel safe because we put security measures and strongly follow policies in accordance with high standards of protection. We share personal information with 3rd parties only per our Privacy Policy, and store the data on a trusted service provider. Sensitive data is encrypted as is should be.

There is an ability to use our implementation service, in which you provide the necessary data about your company, we will carefully import it and show you how the system works. Generally it takes from two to six weeks to feel fully free on the platform. During this time our team will keep hand on pulse and support you by calling couple times in a week if there is a need.

We offer 3 different plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Minimal cost is 3,5$/per user. Check out our pricing for more info.

Our team is available Monday through Friday, from 6am to 5pm Pacific Time. Need us outside of these hours? You can always email us and our team will get back to you ASAP!

When you call or chat with us, you’ll be speaking with one of experienced reps in our Tallin office. You can also always email us!